OpenAI Supported Models

Apr 25, 2023

OpenAI models can be organized into model types: GPT-3, GPT-3.5. In addition, there are flavors of model called Codex, Instruct, and Similarity.

The following guidelines can be used to identify model types from model names.

  • GPT-3: Models include Ada, Babbage, Curie and DaVinci as well as models ending with -001 suffix.
  • GPT-3.5: Models ending with -002 and -003 suffixes e.g. Text-DaVinci-002.
  • Codex: Models with Code prefix e.g. Code-Cushman-002.
  • Instruct: Models with Text prefix e.g. Text-Curie-001.
  • Similarity: Embedding models with Text-Similarity, Text-Search, Code-Search or Text-Embedding prefix.