1 min readNov 7, 2023

OpenAI DevDay summary:

Lots of announcements from OpenAI from their DevDay today:

New models and developer products announced at DevDay (openai.com)

GPT-4 Turbo:
faster, cheaper than GPT-4
128k context window
data up to April 2023
Deterministic outputs (almost) — new “seed” parameter makes output reproducible
JSON mode — force the model to produce JSON (mostly)
GPT-4 Vision API in preview:
send images to GPT4
GPT-3.5-Turbo “1106” version:
16k context window by default
Better at producing JSON, XML, YAML
Text-to-Speech API: (Whisper is speech-to-text)
Fast and HD modes
6 voices
Assistants API:
simplified API for developers
RAG built in, no need to deal with vectors/embeddings yourself
Chat thread memory built-in
Code Interpreter (sandboxed Python environment) built-in
New Playground
Copyright Shield
What you think it is

Introducing GPTs (openai.com)

Customise your ChatGPT setup and share it with others
No-code — mostly prompt engineering
“GPT Store” — Marketplace
(coming) get paid if your GPTs build is popular