DR. ABHAY NENE is a spinal surgeon from Mumbai, India, who has been the recipient of various international awards throughout his career. He is interviewed here by DR. SNEHAL DESHPANDE of the Heartfulness Institute about back pain — why, how, and what to do?

What Causes Back Pain?


Most of us load our backs over days,
months, and years on end,
without really servicing them.

Sitting Versus Standing Desks

Can Shoes Prevent Back Pain?

Job-related Posture Problems

Gym Injuries

You have to be aware of your capacity,
which means knowing your strain versus pain equation:
if you do something that gives you strain,
the next day you’re okay for another session.
The minute you’ve got pain, you’ve overshot it.

Lumbar Belts and Cervical Collars

My professional opinion is that
many people who have back pain are generally
great candidates for rehabilitation, not surgery.



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