Azure Machine Learning — AML Components -YAML definitions for Components provided by Azure

We are working with a customer that is testing AML Components, they are really excited about this functionality, but are facing some challenges. They are looking for a way to obtain definitions of elements that already exist in Designer(i.e. Execute R script) This is an issue because they can’t see how they handle inputs and outputs, and as such it is impossible for them to create Components that interact with built in Components provided by Azure. They executed CLI commands to generate the output however the command specifically provided for this(az ml components show) returns no output. Is there a way to obtain YAML definitions of default components from cli? Are the definitions available on a repository or on the documentation so that the customer can use them to this end?

We have a repository published on GitHub that 1) contains several custom components ready to use in AML Designer and

2) they interface with data from OOTB components in Designer. You can see there how to consume and output data in a format that Azure Designer will understand.

Here you have the repository:


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